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Thank you ALL so much for these wonderful gifts!

allie-m tzzzzzzangelcrusher put a hex on youappleyard86 planetbc0nker furatochenata yarnhex 03diglett42 furatofryguy64 planet bgoombajoe zoldon charsgranitoons slookjbwarner86 planet bkeeoko mimicryomega5ooo aahrunprofessorfandango microcosmqueen-dedede RZradioactive13 3+1radioactivepancakes jurkrayne-gallows magic beanshirtdesignssleepdep slookspikoe hex is strongtezzle hexskokingtj-triple-j bowling for slook 2zobe humanoid hexpozem hexaditidomtaryn gift 2zankothumbsynduo z and handrewk hexbuffy-prower sniffylhhog streetchallengeolliefreak hexpandachu wifl brawlquestionthemajority slook give good hugs


Ever wanted to make fun of Planet B? Now you can! There's a site called Primps, where you can upload any picture and put captions on it. It works great for comics! Here are all the blanks so far:


And here's what others came up with! Create your own, send my way, and I'll post it! (Primps is ok, but don't feel limited to it.) And of course, keep it clean please!

tezzle swarm o death beestj-triple-j good news bad newsstevenroy trading cardsslushiekins copiesstevenroy tryoutsstevenroy the curestevenroy nanowrimostevenroy energy efficientbuffy-prower the answertwentydragon kobaahstevenroy polygonstevenroy imaginarytwentydragon signlangstevenroy planet b 3G 4sushigummy rebubblequestionthemajority kobaah