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Just for fun, I googled for " looks like", " is", " should", etc. Here was what I got:

Hex looks like a Supernatural wannabe.
Hex looks like a beer mug.
Hex looks like a nice app after all.
Hex looks like an elf and u all have bad haircuts.
Hex looks like my attachment.
Hex looks like some bull.
Hex looks like it might not handle an upward pull very well, though some crystals do hold it against an outward pull.
Hex looks like it's the next comic book lined up to be transformed into a movie franchise.
Hex looks like link with a teeny tiny hat.
Hex likes to believe that he can make it on his own, or that he is Mr. Amazing.
Hex likes to rhyme about things that aren't not obvious.
Hex likes to play tricks with your mind.
Hex should not be a dumb command.
Hex should have had six fingers.
Hex needs a bit more exposure.
Hex needs therapy.

RZ looks like he ran into a door at full speed and his head got squashed wide and flat.
RZ looks like you. WHAHAHA!!
RZ looks like a lollipop.
RZ looks like Peter Rabbit caught in the rain!
RZ is big and heavy and not well suited to handholding.
RZ should be able to keep the majority of you out there with a tight budget, satisfied.
RZ should generally not be used for treating latent tuberculosis infection.
RZ should stick to making music and showing off his wife and that is it.
RZ should be ashamed calling Bionicle a kiddie fad.
RZ needs to have enough power to scare me!

Slook is a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, the South Carolina Bar, the American Bar Association, and the United States Claims Court Bar Association.
Slook is ranked 394 and has played for 21m in 365 days.
Slook is easy.
Slook is the music of creation itself.

Furato is a village in Italy.
Furato is Tetsu's childhood friend and classmate.
Furato is on a distinguished road.
Furato is under heavy sedation around the clock to stop kidou chanting.


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