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Planet B is the second planet in the system of Astaralgia. Four friends in the city of Rizog have a vision: to make Planet B a better place! ...when they're not arguing, getting into trouble, or doing anything but making the planet a better place.


Job: Scientist, physicist, inventor, general genius Hex is the logical/emotional leader of the team, and his house/lab is their most common hangout. Loud, short-tempered, and a sore loser, he refuses to lose an argument. He uses math and science to solve all problems, and loves to show off his intelligence. In his spare time he is a fancy chef and tries to tutor students.


(left) Slook's size and strength make him a valuable pet to Hex. He has a below-average grasp on language ("Slook took free design class. Slook know all about colors and making compo-cisions!"), but loves to give and get hugs.


Job: Postal service RZ is a whiner and a worrier. He's afraid of social interactions and is easily manipulated. He has the unique power of navigation; if he knows the name of a place or thing, he can usually find it. However, he spends most of his time searching spiritually.


Job: Salesman Furato's laziness is at odds with his desire for girls, stuff, money, and independence. He'll do whatever it takes to get what he wants and get away with it, whether with smooth talk, slander, or a fight. But more often, laziness wins.

With Planet B, my mission is to:

  • create characters and stories with more substance than the newspapers, yet more approachable than hundred-page epics,
  • encourage you to pause and think about the topics the comic addresses,
  • and nurture my own sense of humor. Seriously, it needs all the help it can get.